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The Harrell Academy of Martial Arts
Available for group or private instruction and seminars


Professor/Sifu Mark Harrell
Founder and Chief Instructor

Mark is the only individual known to have
earned and been awarded the very rare
and prestigious advanced teaching certificates
from both Grandmaster Ben Largusa of Villabrille-Largusa Kali
and the late Founder Grandmaster Angel Cables of Serrada Escrima.
Read more about Mark on his biography page.
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Introducing my friend Professor Mark Harrell

I am not a martial arts instructor myself, but to say that my friend Professor/Sifu Mark Harrell has been around is an understatement. Mark has over 35 years of comprehensive study and experience in Chinese, Indonesian, Filipino, Thai, and Japanese martial arts systems. In addition to his two inductions into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, take a look at some of Mark's teaching and certification credentials:

Advanced Instructor Ranking in the following martial arts systems:
- Villabrille-Largusa Kali (International Kali Group / California Kali Association)
- Cabales Serrada Eskrima
- Largo Mano Eskrima
- Kumbati-Lan Kuntao Silat
- Pentjak Silat Sera (International Pencak Silat Federation / Pentjak Silat USA)
- Jee Yin Pai Kun Tao
- Mochi Kune Do Gung Fu
- Ha Lo Su Kempo

Instructor Ranking in the Following Martial Arts Systems:
- Jun Fan Gung Fu / Jeet Kune Do (Full Instructor under Professor Allen Magdangal)
- Thai Boxing
- Kenpo Karate
- Shotokan Karate

Instructor Ranking in the Following Tai Chi / Chi Kung (Chinese Health) Systems:
- Yang Style (24 Fist) Peking Form
- Ha Lo Su Tai Chi Kung (Advanced)
- Tai Chi Chih Su
- Seijaku Su (Advanced)
- Xuan Gong Wai Dan Tai Chi Kung
- Yang Tien Tao Chi Kung

"Mark is an unbelievable martial artist, and more than that he's an outstanding teacher. In much the same way that Pavel did for me with strength training, Mark cuts through the crap and teaches what works and how to find and enhance your own best attributes." -- Gregg Althen

Available Services

Martial Arts Seminars: Thai Boxing, Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Eskrima, and Silat

Seminars in Practical Street Fighting/Self-Defense:

- Practical stand up fighting skills (punches, strikes, elbows, kicks and knees)
- Defense and disarms against: clubs, knives, long guns and hand guns
- Self defense against common holds, locks, and takedowns

Martial Arts and Strength Training Seminar:

Select the martial art of your choice and combine that with my good friend Gregg Althen’s Kettebell training and you have the ultimate seminar experience. Take your martial arts to the next level with extreme strength and elite conditioning with Kettlebells.

Special Seminars available for Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, and Military personnel upon request. We can custom tailor a seminar or series of workshops to suit your specific needs and interests.

Group or private instruction in martial arts available.

Call Professor Harrell or Gregg Althen now to get more information.
Professor Harrell – (408) 559-1982 - Gregg Althen – (415) 209-0085

Client Testimonials
"Mark Harrell is a dedicated world class martial artist with
comprehensive knowledge of numerous martial arts styles and systems and outstanding
skills. His intricate understanding of physical motion and body
mechanics combined with his well developed and effective teaching ability make
him an exceptionally gifted teacher and trainer. Speaking as a student of Sifu
Harrell's for over 10 years, my knowledge, skills, and interest have
continued to grow due to his on-going personal research and development
and his teaching and training methods. He has provided me with the
guidance, training, and inspiration to develop and grow not only as a martial
artist but also as an individual".

--Jim Matson - Senior Mechanical Engineer - San Jose, CA.

"I have never met a martial arts instructor as extraordinary as Mark
Harrell. He does not simply study martial arts and fitness he lives it.
He is constantly researching, testing and applying fitness and martial
arts methods and techniques in order to improve his skills and the skills of
his students. Mark has an understanding of many systems that often
surpasses that of the chosen masters of those systems. Anyone truly interested in
the martial arts or fitness instruction should consider themselves
fortunate for the opportunity to study with Mark Harrell."

--Ronald Hill - Operations Manager - Livermore, CA.

Mark teaches martial arts the way I want to learn.
Instead of having me practice endless forms in cookie-cutter fashion,
he cuts through the crap. Mark taught me how to move, how to strike,
and how to defend. And he did it in weeks rather than in months or years.
Through his tireless study and his mastery of many, many systems,
he has identified what works and what doesn't.

--Gregg Althen - Russian Strength and Flexibility Expert and Owner of Core Fitness Training - Novato, CA


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