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SUMMARY OF EVENTS (details are below):

January 28, 2012: Russian Kettlebell Lifting I at the Learning Exchange in Sacramento

January 28, 2012: Power Stretching/Extreme Mobility at the Learning Exchange in Sacramento


January 28, 2012 Kerry and I will teach Russian Kettlebell Lifting I for beginners and intermediates 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at The Learning Exchange in Sacramento. The format of the seminar will be lecture, demonstration, and participation, so come prepared to exercise. We will be covering all the basic exercises including swings, cleans, squats, deadlifts and presses, and we'll have time to address specific questions or problems during the class. I will have kettlebells available for use and purchase during the class, but if you already have kettlebells please bring them so that we are assured of having enough. Cost will be $49. Call 916-929-9200 or visit for information and registration.

January 28, 2012 Kerry and I will teach a Power Stretching/Extreme Mobility Seminar 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at The Learning Exchange in Sacramento. Joint mobility and muscular flexibility are two distinctly different things, and both are essential to your health and longevity as well as injury-prevention and athletic performance. You can dramatically improve both your flexibility and mobility by mastering a simple but effective regimen of exercises that we'll cover in class. Half of the seminar will be spent covering techniques for improving joint health and mobility, and half will be devoted to techniques for improving muscular flexibility. Cost will be $49. Call 916-929-9200 or visit for information and registration.





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  • I had been lifting weights for nearly 13 years when I met my mentor, Pavel Tsatsouline.
  • Pavel used to be a physical fitness trainer in the Russian military, and he now works for the U.S. Marine Corps. I was fortunate enough to catch him before he stopped doing civilian training, and the time I spent with him changed my workouts and my workout results forever.
  • I learned more from Pavel in 12 months than I had in 13 years of lifting on my own, and I recommend Pavel's books Power to the People and Russian Kettlebell Challenge most highly.
  • Believe me, if you want results like you've never gotten before, with greater convenience and less expense, Kettlebell Lifting is THE best way to go.
  • Click to see Images of kettlebells in action.
  • Click here to view a Word document containing my General Kettlebell Training Guidelines.
  • Or visit my page on Workout Design for more in-depth information.
  • Click here to view my General Strength Training Tips.

    Feel free to send me an e-mail at if you have any questions.
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The online Strength & Conditioning Forum hosted by Dragon Door is constantly being updated with news and information from kettlebell instructors and students, and Pavel himself is one of the most frequent contributors.

If you live in the Sacramento area and want regular kettlebell or strength training, it's our pleasure to recommend most highly our friends Eric and Alison Kenyon

To find a Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor in your area, visit the Dragon Door Instructor List.

Send me an e-mail at if you have a site you'd like to see linked here.



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