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Our most recent certification was completed on May 22, 2010 at California Family Fitness of Roseville, and you can view a group photo by clicking here.

After being temporarily derailed by a car accident in Summer, 2010, Gregg is now back in the "swing" of things, and is working back to condition for another certification. We'll keep you posted.

At the NCKBA, it is our sole mission to help you become a better trainer by giving you the knowledge and skills to teach kettlebell lifting. Being an effective kettlebell trainer involves many factors:

  • Your own skill in performing both basic and advanced kettlebell exercises
  • Your ability to communicate the key elements of good technique
  • Your knowledge of the typical problems clients encounter with their technique, and how to fix them

With an NCKBA certification, you'll ensure that your clients will continually progress toward their goals, and will keep coming back to you for more.

Our emphasis is always on improving your teaching ability and your in-depth knowledge of the physiological principles that provide maximum strength and maximum safety.

The NCKBA Certification Program features:

  • 9 hours of comprehensive instruction in one weekend
  • Individualized instruction from Gregg and Kerry. We take only small groups so you learn directly from the experts through extensive face-time.
  • Thorough coverage of all the screening and teaching techniques used and developed by Gregg and Kerry in 25+ years as strength athletes and 9+ years as kettlebell instructors
  • Training in all the basic and intermediate kettlebell exercises including common technique flaws and methods for correcting those flaws. Some advanced material/exercises will be covered, as time permits.
  • A systematized approach to training all types of clients, with an emphasis on safety and steady progression toward individual goals

Our requirements include:

  • Full attendance for the 9 hours of instruction
  • Physical Testing: Demonstrated proficiency in all basic and intermediate exercises including the deadlift (and variations), swing, clean, snatch, military press, side press, windmill, front squat and Turkish get-up.
  • Written Testing: Demonstrated knowledge of client screening techniques and the key principles underlying all kettlebell exercises, and an understanding of how to break down the various exercises and build training programs for both individual clients and group classes.
  • Within 3 months of the certification weekend, submit 10 training session write-ups describing your work training clients with kettlebells. The 10 sessions can be paid or unpaid, and you can include up to 3 sessions with any given client.

Hosting a Certification Workshop: If you are interested in hosting a certification website at your facility, you can contact Gregg to discuss details at

Cost of the NCKBA Certification:

  • Cost of the certification is $550. We offer a $150 discount for military and law enforcement personnel, valid any time, and a $100 early-bird discount for those registering by October 12th.
  • Class size is limited to ensure lots of individual attention
  • You are responsible for travel, lodging, and meals.
  • All necessary equipment will be made available by the NCKBA, although you should bring a pair of flat-soled shoes, towels, and a notebook

To register now using PayPal, use the drop-down menu below. If you have questions, please contact Gregg directly at

November 12 Certification Workshop Payment Options



Other Certifications

Pavel offers 2-3 certification workshops in Minneapolis/St. Paul every year, and he has recently added certification workshops in California and in Europe. Kerry and I both got our start with Pavel, and Gregg has been through the certification both as a student and as an assistant instructor. Pavel's certifications are extremely physical, so if you're interested, be advised!

To learn more about Pavel's certifications or to register, click on this banner...

Pavel Tsatsouline: USA & Europe Workshop Schedule

There are also certifications available with Jeff Martone, Steve Maxwell, and Steve Cotter, so check those out on the web if you're interested!

We wish you all the best!


Feel free to send me an e-mail at if you have further questions.



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